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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps made SIMPLE.

Car graphics and wraps come in all shapes and sizes and, at Imprint – car Graphics Norwich, we use the very best materials from well known suppliers, such as Avery Dennison, 3M, Metamark, Oracal and many more. This ensures we find the right colour and finish to stand the test of time.

Our in-house graphic design team has extended knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) on vehicles, turning your design into stunning reality.

Ranging from detailing to full vehicle wraps, we use a plethora of methods to suit. The importance of the finish is crucial, with added effects such as embossing, matte/gloss contrast, vinyl’s and metallics to suit. Working with the latest in latex printing technology means we can not only match your brand colours better than ever, but we can also do this in a fraction of the time, with eco-friendly instant curing inks.


Statistics show that vehicle graphics in a busy area can be seen by over 3000 people per hour (3M study). It is vital to make sure your car has the RIGHT graphics to make your brand services stand out from the crowd. We provide a range of materials from industry leading brands, holding colour swatches in stock, or we can print your custom colour.

Panel Wraps

Why not add a splash of colour to your vehicle by using panel wraps to provide a coloured background. They allow the content to stand out more vibrantly than standard sign writing, with the added bonus of applying more brand colouring to any vehicle. 

These follow the contours of the vehicle, allowing our team to apply colours within recessed sections without applying full vehicle wraps, and saving you the cost that goes with it. It’s a popular way of standing out from the crowd on a budget.

Half Wraps

When we talk about half wraps, this doesn’t necessarily mean split your vehicle down the middle with two colours (although if it suits, then it does get done). But rather, applying a far more custom design to your vehicle, 

This can range from strips, rear door wraps, large logos across the vehicle, bonnet and roof wraps and much more. All designed by our in-house team of design specialists, each vehicle is looked at to determine the most impactful way we can apply YOUR branding to it.

As this is entirely custom, we will work with you to discuss our initial creative thought process to provide options. These are great for businesses to make a real impact on the road whilst not going to the full expense of a complete vehicle wrap.

These can also be removed at the end of any lease contracts, meaning you can achieve maximum revenue for your vehicle. Statistics also show with a vehicle wrap, this can increase the value of your vehicle once removed, as the vinyl applies a layer of protection during its use.

Chapter 8 Kits

Custom kits are created for all vehicles as required. Many vehicles on the road such as Highway Maintenance have a legal requirement to apply Chapter 8 kits to be seen. These are often using Yellow Fluorescent vinyl with Red reflective chevrons. 

These come in a range of finishes, such as chequered, prismatic and honeycomb. We make sure we offer products of longevity as well as R3B compliant, ensuring you meet the legal requirements on the road whilst standing out.

Larger Wraps

Custom, Custom Custom! No matter what the size, we can wrap it! Many large vehicles offer a massive area of blank canvas, perfect to let your creative juices flow! They can be short term promotional graphics, through to long life haulage projects.

Our team are trained to get you seen no matter the size or shape of vehicle, ranging from buses, haulage tankers, scaffolding lorries, motorhomes and many more. We can even apply graphics to boats! 


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.