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Eco-Friendly Sign Printing in Norwich

We use eco-friendly, water-based ink and can print on fully biodegradable materials, giving you the assurance that once your marketing materials have made their impact, they won’t end up in landfill for years and years to come.

We have one aim; to offer quality products at affordable prices. As a result, we have invested in new machinery design to preserve our quality, whilst offering more cost-effective options and faster turnaround times for all things print. 

Our Mimaki flatbed printer has the capability to print directly onto a wide variety of substrates and materials, up to a 50mm depth, including wood, ceramics, metals and acrylic. As a result, we have been able to expand our range of products, where we now offer personalised items, from wooden postcards to printed surfboards!

Flatbed printing does what it says on the tin; we use a ‘bed’ area which can contain materials up to 8ft x 4ft in total size, having been laid onto the machine ‘bed’. Using its thickness checker, we are able to determine the highest point of the substrate. This tells the machine how high the printhead needs to be whilst printing over the substrate. The head of the machine moves across the substrate, laying down UV curable inks, which are cured almost instantly by the UV lamps that follow.

This revolutionary print technology gives us the ability to print CMYK, plus white and clear ink. By applying a clear layer of ink, this can provide not only protection for your print, but also the ability to apply SPOT UV finishes to the sign, perfect for those custom print finishes.

Using white ink, we can enhance colour vibrancy and provide a base layer for substrates, like wood, to eliminate dull images. What’s more, we can also layer our print to create 3D effects, produce textures and even print braille!

Printing direct to substrates is a cheaper method of print, compared to traditional screen printing and roll to roll vinyl, allowing us to maintain quality at a reduced price.

*Print to materials subject to testing. Up to 50mm thick, substrate MUST be flat to achieve print quality. 

UV printing

There are many different methods of print production which have evolved throughout the years. However, Imprint Signs & Graphics – Direct To Board Printing UK now provides UV printing that is very much a revolution in today’s market. As a society, we are responsible for the world in which we live, so here at Imprint, we have taken a small step to help reduce our emissions.

Traditional methods of printing, from small format to large scale prints, go through a process of applying CMYK water-based or solvent inks through a system, printing onto a porous surface. As these dry, emissions are released into the atmosphere through a process called ‘outgassing’ or ‘curing’.

UV printing works in a completely different way. By using special UV inks, these are cured during the print process by ultraviolet lights. No ‘outgassing’ – no emissions.

Ok, not everyone is sold purely on the environmental factor, but there are plenty of other benefits as well as to why you would choose UV printing. Firstly, UV printing is cheaper. Fewer processes generally take place compared to conventional methods. As the ink is instantly dried, it isn’t given the time to soak through the surface, eliminating smearing.

One of the biggest benefits of UV printing is the ability to print to different materials. This means whether you’re looking to print onto wooden panels, tiles, furniture, glass, acrylic, ceramic, plasterboard etc, as long as the surface is flat, it most likely can be printed. This opens the door to the ability to personalise and customise like never before, while keeping costs affordable.

Investing in the best machines on the market, we at Imprint Signs & Graphics – Direct To Board Printing UK are able to enhance colour vibrancy, with prints becoming even more photorealistic. Printing up to 1200dpi, printing has never been so bold!

Flatbed Printing

What is Flat Bed Printing?

Imprint Signs & Graphics – Flat Bed Printing UK have flatbed printers which allow for fast, high-quality graphics to be printed directly on to a large range of materials. This process does not require the use of printed and applied vinyl. The printable materials that can be used include aluminium composite, Correx, foamboard, acrylic, and wood, among many others. The ink is cold-cured with a UV light which produces a hard-wearing, vibrant finish. Flatbed printing also allows for a large print area. We are able to print much larger artwork in one piece, which is very beneficial for installations, such as site hoardings, large art prints and most outdoor signage.

Lower Environmental Impact

Printing directly onto substrates eliminates the use of plastic-based vinyl that is used for many applications, which results in a reduction of wastage. Vinyl has been commonplace in sign making for such a long time but, unfortunately, has an impact on the environment. This is because of offcuts, reprints and disposal. At Imprint Signs & Graphics – Flat Bed Printing UK, we have always taken these matters very seriously and will take every measure to minimise any impact on the environment. With vinyl being a plastic composite material, it is therefore quite difficult to dispose of and recycle it effectively. Thankfully, direct-to-substrate inks are cured with cold UV bulbs and, as a result, do not produce the heat and gases of traditional ultraviolet and inkjet printing. They can also be reprinted when finished, which further minimises waste.


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.