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Exterior signage made SIMPLE.

Simply put, exterior signs are any outdoor signage that is installed on the exterior of your business, or in another location. This could be stand-alone, placed on a billboard or hoardings as part of an advert or marketing campaign, or used at an event. It could also be attached to your business premises to maximise on free space and alert people to your presence via building wraps, shop signs and architectural signage.

Exterior signs include shop fascias, directional signs, business signs, industrial signs and more. From complex signs for multi-site locations and custom-made business signs to pavement furniture or temporary outdoor signage, we do them all at Imprint.

We use the industry leading brands such as HP, Metamark, Avery Dennison and Image Perfect to achieve high-quality print and lamination finish, while using local suppliers for signage materials. 



Our number one product we offer, but make no mistake, these are vital to your business. Our flat panel signs begin life as sheet material, whether it be Aluminium, Correx, Foamex or Acrylic. 

The difference is the longevity. Our team will always advise on the best materials to suit your need and budget. Our most common material is ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel), which is used for

most aspects of exterior signage such as shop fronts, site signage and scaffolding boards. With a choice of UV digital printing or vinyl print to the face, this is the perfect long life material. 

Other materials such as Foamex and Correx have a shorter external life span and therefore often used for internal signage, exhibition signage and 3D stand off lettering too apply depth and colour to your design. 

Correx is ideal for short term solutions, such as advertising signage, estate agent boards and for sale signs. Acrylic has the ability to enhance any signage, and is particularly used for Router Shaped signage internally or externally. 


We produce box tray signage to any size and installed using tracking to most surfaces. They are produced and installed to perfectly fit the area you require to maximise impact and generate footfall. After all, first impressions are crucial in business!

We can also supply 3D stand off lettering and shapes to the fronts of these, in any size that suits, using ACP, acrylic or Foamex materials.


Hanging signs are ideal for footfall on the high street. Make sure your customers take notice with both fixed and swinging panels, attached to ornate and custom brackets. These are supplied on standard ACP or aluminium panels, with a double sided print designed to attract both directions.

With the ability to change the design on both sides, you can focus on how best to target potential customers into your store. We recommend these with additional pavement signage to increase your high street presence.


Totem pole signage can be custom fabricated to meet your exact requirements, whether you require a large business estate entrance sign, or fixed to wall partners portfolio board.

Using a variety of magnetic and changeable panels, you can edit your messages to the public for any special offers or seasonal offerings you may have.

Retail Shop Signs

We create signage designed to help your business and brand extend its identity, from directional signage, to shopfront and interior retail shop signs, we’re able to help set your business up for success.

Our signs are durable, visually appealing and versatile – available in different formats including 3d lettering, illuminated signs and more. Acrylic signs are equally appealing, with a simple and sleek aesthetic which make them popular as cafe signs and pub signs around the UK.

Did you know… 60% of businesses reported average sales of 10% or more by adding or updating their signs!


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming up that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.


Whether you’ve got questions, a project coming that you need signs and graphics for, or want to visit us to have a chat, our team is happy to work with you and assist with whatever you need.