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Print the Impossible – Now printing to ALL MATERIALS*

We have one aim; to offer quality products at the affordable prices. As a result, we have invested in new machinery design to preserve our quality, whilst offering more cost effective options and faster turnaround times for all things print. Introducing the Mimaki JFX200-2513.

Our Mimaki flatbed printer has the capability to print directly onto a wide variety of substrates and materials upto a 50mm depth, including wood, ceramics, metals and acrylic. As a result, we have been able to expand our range of products we offer to customers that can be personalised, from wooden postcards to printed surfboards!

Flatbed printing does what it says on the tin; we use a ‘bed’ area which can contain materials upto 8ft x 4ft in total size, which are laid onto the machine ‘bed’. Using it’s thickness checker, we are able to determine the highest point of the substrate. This tells the machine how high the printhead needs to be whilst printing over the substrate. The head of machine moves across the substrate laying down UV Curable inks, which in turn are cured almost instantly by the UV lamps that follow.

eco friendly printing in Norwich

Eco friendly printing in Norwich

This revolutionary print technology gives us the ability to print CMYK, plus white and clear ink. By applying a clear layer of ink, this can provide not only protection for you print, but also the ability to apply SPOT UV finishes to the sign, perfect for those custom print finishes. Using white ink, we can enhance colour vibrancy and provide a base layer for substrates like wood to eliminate dull images. What’s more, we can also layer our print to create 3D effects, produce textures and even print Braille!

Printing direct to substrates is a cheaper method of print compared to traditional screen printing and roll to roll vinyl, allowing us to maintain quality at a reduced price.

*Print to materials subject to testing. Upto 50mm thick, substrate MUST be flat to achieve print quality. For full details, please get in touch at

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